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nie assistance barcelonaPlease note: This page it’s contents (as well as the service we office) is only for EU Citizens. Citizens of non-EU countries may find the information on this page.

One of the most important and first steps in starting your new life in Barcelona is getting your NIE (Número Identidad Extranjero), which is your identification as a foreigner living in Barcelona. As discussed on other pages on this site, the NIE is a very important step forward in establishing yourself in Barcelona in terms of the ability it gives you to legally work, get a mobile phone contract, purchase properties or vehicles, open a resident bank account, and much more. For this reason, NIE assistance in Barcelona is a very important service to consider. Why?

As anyone who’s had experience with getting the NIE will tell you, it is not an easy task to undertake! There are many obstacles that have to be dealt with, such as:

  • Ensuring that you are even eligible for the NIE
  • Obtaining the correct appointment
  • Actually getting an appointment date
  • Ensuring that you have your appointment at the correct office
  • Checking that you have the right documents
  • Confirming that you have the correct health insurance or bank balance (depending on your circumstances)
  • Ensuring that your spouse/dependent has the correct paperwork

A large percentage of people that show up at the NIE office don’t even realize that they need an appointment just to enter the building! Another large percentage almost always have the wrong documents or have documents missing. Then there are also those who are incorrectly informed by a friend of a friend of a friend that they can go to an NIE office outside of Barcelona where they do not require an appointment. 


NIE barcelona

   Kevin & Angela with their NIE

Since we work with people from all over the world who have different circumstances, we have a good measure of experience in knowing the best way to deal with each unique case. We have helped expats from Canada, USA, Indonesia, China, Australia, South Africa, and most European countries to get their NIEs fast and without any problems. We also assist with translation of documents and opening of bank accounts. Whether you are coming to study or work, invest in property, or simply to take some time off for yourself, we know what the requirements are and what you need to do to get your NIE as easily and quickly as possible.

NIE Barcelona

                  Audra with her NIE


There are 3 different ways in which we can assist you with your NIE. Depending on your level of Spanish, we recommend Option A for the majority of newcomers to Barcelona, as the clerks at the NIE office speak very little English and if you don’t have a translator with you, it might get very complicated. In addition to that, the requirements vary between the different NIE offices, so unless you have the assistance of someone who knows exactly what is required, you may very well end up running around and wasting time by trying to figure out what documents are missing or which tax is applicable for your application. 

Please note that we can not guarantee specific dates for appointments, as they are determined electronically.


Our most popular option
Requesting the appointment
Checking your paperwork
Filling out application form
Preparing the tax form
One of our consultants comes with you to the appointment
* Rescheduling fee applies in case an already confirmed appointment is cancelled
For the brave!
Requesting the appointment only (no other assistance provided)
You attend the appointment on your own
* Rescheduling fee applies in case an already confirmed appointment is cancelled

–PLEASE NOTE that in case more than 1 appointment is required, such as is the case for persons who are registering as “autonomo” (self-employed), or those applying with non-EU family members, we can customize a NIE package for you.–

Should you require private health insurance or a bank account, we will provide free, unbiased advice on which company or bank might be more suitable for you. 

To get the process started as soon as possible, just fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible!

* All prices exclude IVA (VAT) of  21%. With the exception of the “VIP Plan”, all cancelled appointments can be rescheduled (if required) at an additional cost of €50 (option C) (excl VAT). We do not offer refunds in case of complete cancellation. A separate tax for the NIE application is applicable for each applicant which is not included in the fee. We do however prepare the document for the applicant who can pay the tax at the bank before his/her appointment. **Seven business days from receipt of payment of the fee will be counted in case the ExPress service is selected.