Renting property and getting their NIE in Barcelona are our main services, however we offer a multitude of other professional services. 

We specialize in assisting people from all over the world with moving to Barcelona.

Established in 2012 after many years of living and working in Barcelona, we have the firsthand experience and knowledge necessary to offer our customers a personalised and efficient solution to their relocation requirements. We offer a comprehensive list of services that covers every aspect of your move and we offer vital information and recommendations before you have even packed your bags! Having worked with people from all corners of the globe, we appreciate that everyone is different and has unique expectations.

Spain is famous for its bureaucracy and government clerks and estate agents rarely speak English. This is one of the most complicated aspects of the move, as important topics that directly affect you need to be clearly understood. JUSTLanded! BCN can assist to find a property to rent or buy, to negotiate, translate, fill in paperwork, to obtain a NIE in Barcelona and other necessary paperwork, and even help you open a bank account.

List of services that we offer:

Whether you are moving to Barcelona due to a work relocation or simply want to enjoy a better quality of life, we aim to help you make the move as fun and stress-free as possible.