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NIE in Barcelona for EU citizens

NIE IN BARCELONA FOR EU CITIZENSA detailed explanation on how to get a NIE in Barcelona for EU citizensGetting a NIE in Barcelona can be a bit time consuming, but it is the most important document you need once you get to Barcelona, so this step cannot be skipped. The first step is to get the "cita previa" - the appointment that is booked online. The waiting time for the appointments vary. It depends on the offices that release the appointments. For example, one office can have an appointment [...]

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WEEKEND TRIP TO FRANCE FROM BARCELONAAs you might have already guessed we used some of the Christmas holidays to do some travelling to nearby destinations. After the one day trip to Montserrat we decided that we would like to go further to the north and closer to the border with France. We have noticed that most people always try to go travelling as far as possible, while there are so many interesting  things to be seen only in a couple of hours drive from Barcelona.Out trip stops included: Girona, [...]



VISIT ANDORRA FROM BARCELONAFor most winter sport enthusiasts living in Spain, it can be tricky to find a good ski resort that is not too overcrowded. While La Molina and Boi Taull are very good resorts, their proximity to Barcelona, while convenient, means that they are often packed with skiers and snowboarders, making it difficult to have an enjoyable ski trip. If you travel just a little bit further towards to border with France, you will find yourself in the beautiful Principality of Andorra.Nestled in a valley, the town [...]

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MONTSERRAT DAY TRIP As we've mentioned in one of our other articles, there are many great day trip excursions outside of Barcelona in case you feel that you've been living here long enough to have seen everything that the city itself can offer you.  Many times you keep telling yourself that “one day” you will go and see that famous place that's near to your city, and you keep procrastinating until finally one day you have visitors from abroad who are dying to do the whole touristic route and [...]

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VISIT TO LISBONIf you have lived in Spain a certain amount of time (including in Barcelona), visiting Lisbon and Portugal changes from being an option to an obligatory trip. It is close (2 hour flight from Barcelona), the two countries have history, the languages are similar and all of your friends who have already been there are saying you should visit it.If you decide to visit Lisbon (or when you decide to do it) keep in mind that there are many companies flying to Lisbon from Barcelona, so explore [...]

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TAPAS IN BARCELONA The traditional tapas have formed a big part of Spanish culture. And inevitably they become big part of the culture of any new expat moving to Barcelona or even of the tourists. Everyone wants to try them, and everyone loves them. After living in Barcelona for a couple of years,  you will notice how all of the visitors that you have over the years will almost immediately ask : "And what about the tapas? Where is the best place to try some?" There is something [...]

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TRADITIONAL SPANISH AND CATALAN FOOD The gastronomical choice in Barcelona is enormous. Here you will find everything from the typical local Catalan and Spanish restaurants to the most exotic ones, such as Thai, Hindu, Japanese and much more! Let`s focus on the most typical Spanish and Catalan food, and see what you should expect when you open the menu. (By the way “menu” refers to a daily 3 course meal, and “carta” refers to a traditional menu) Calçots : Come Winter time, you have to try the Calçots (a type of [...]



RESTAURANTS IN BARCELONA Ask anyone Spaniard (or Catalan) to list what their 5 favourite things to do are, and most certainly “eating” (or "a comer") will be on top of their list! While Tapas, Paella, and Sangria are the most common examples of Spanish cuisine, there is really so much more to it. Barcelona offers a huge variety of different kinds of fusions with Spanish cuisine, and that of other countries. And then of course the Catalans have a whole other cuisine on their own! Recently we heard somewhere [...]

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MONTJUIC GARDENS Sometimes life in the city can become quite stressful and you need to escape to a place where you can get back in touch with nature.  Fortunately, Barcelona has many green spaces and this is one of the many things that residents of the city love about it.  Whether it be Ciutadella Park, the hills around Tibidabo, the Joan Miro park near Plaza Espanya or even your local park where you take your dog for a walk, there are great options for disconnecting from the concrete jungle.  [...]

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BEACHES IN BARCELONA A big attraction of moving to Barcelona is that it has 9 beaches in total that belong directly to the city. Starting from the most southern they are:   Sant Sebastia Beach Sant Miguel Beach Somorrostro Beach La Barceloneta Nova Icaria Bogatell La Mar Bella Llevant Beach   Let´s have a quick look at the most popular ones : La Barceloneta : One of the most central beaches in Barcelona is La Barceloneta, with the closest metro line being La Barceloneta (L4). Barceloneta is the busiest [...]

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