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NIE in Barcelona for EU citizens


NIE IN BARCELONA FOR EU CITIZENS If you would like professional assistance with obtaining your NIE/TIE or residency, please click on the button below! I want more information! Below is a detailed explanation on how to get a NIE in Barcelona for EU citizens Getting a NIE in Barcelona can be a bit time consuming, but it is the most important document you need once you get to Barcelona, so this step cannot be skipped. The first step is to get the "cita previa" - the appointment that [...]

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SHOWS IN BARCELONA Even though Flamenco originated from the South of Spain, it is still very popular in many parts of Catalonia, and in a heavily touristic such as Barcelona, there are quite a few options when it comes to seeing Flamenco shows. Most of them are performed by natives from Alicante, Seville, Granada and other cities from the southern part of Spain. In most instances, the show will be a combination of food and drink (typically paella and sangria), while enjoying the performance. However you would normally have the [...]

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SHOPPING IN BARCELONA If you love shopping, you will definitely like shopping in Barcelona even more. It has something to offer everyone – fashion and gadget junkies, retro clothing collectors, jewelry and Swiss watch lovers, and of course, the variety is endless. There are several main shopping areas. Of course the most popular and touristic ones are Passeig de Gracia, La Rambla and Avinguda Diagonal. Barcelona offers thousands of shops and many of the shopping areas are pedestrian zones which of course makes the shopping easier.  The clothing shops [...]

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BARCELONA FOR KIDSPeople usually associate Barcelona with party, music, art and in general more adult-orientated activities, but the truth is that it is an extremely kid-friendly city and there are plenty of things you can do in Barcelona if you have kids.BARCELONA FOR KIDS : MUSEUMSWe can highly recommend several museums that are very kid-friendly, and depending on the interest of your kids, you can choose from the following options. One of the most interesting museums is Cosmo Caixa. A social initiative by La Caixa bank, here you can [...]

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SWEETS FESTIVAL IN GRACIA Definitely the favorite day of every child in Barcelona, is 3rd of March, which is known as Festa de Sant Medir. This festival is special because it involves a parade with wind instrument bands, jugglers, clowns and very colorful horse-driven carriages which are driven by representatives from the 30 different suburbs of Barcelona. Where it gets even more interesting, is the part where they throw candy on the spectators, and it literally rains tasty treats in the Gracia neighborhood.  People started bringing upside-down umbrellas to the [...]

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ENGLISH CINEMAS IN BARCELONAIf you are new in Spain or Barcelona, you are about to find out that Spaniards don’t like subtitles and almost all of the movies on the TV and cinemas are dubbed. This could be an issue if your Spanish is not good enough, and even if it is above average level, it doesn’t guarantee you would enjoy the movie as much as you would if it was in English. A lot gets lost in translation, especially when it comes to a specific type of humor [...]

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CAMP NOU FOOTBALL STADIUMOne of the things that you absolutely have to do when moving to Barcelona (or even if you are only visiting as a tourist) is to watch Barcelona Football Club (most famously known as Barça) play a match at Camp Nou football stadium! It was originally named Estadi del FC Barcelona but in 2000 fans were asked which name they preferred and the majority voted for Camp Nou (“New field” in English) Even if you have no interest in football at all, the atmosphere and traditions of [...]

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MUSEUMS IN BARCELONAFor most people, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing “Barcelona”, is Gaudi and all his famous works that abound the city. Probably the most iconic being Sagrada Familia! Being in construction since 1882, this magnificent temple is the number one most visited attraction in Barcelona and receives around 2 000 000 visitors per year. Upon entering, you will find a museum inside where you can find all the information about the development and the history of this building as well as interesting information about [...]

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FREE DANCE CLASSES IN BARCELONAPlease note: We do not offer free dance classes. The information on this page is intended to provide free information to our readers about where they can find free dance classes in Barcelona. The information on this page was accurate at the time of publishing - to obtain updated information please contact the organizers of the respective groups.I guess all of us have different first impressions of the city, and different things that made us fall in love with Barcelona.In my case it was the [...]

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ROMANTIC PLACES IN BARCELONAIt is Saint Valentine´s Day and maybe you are not in the most romantic city in the world, but Barcelona definitely has what to offer to the “enamorados” !If you still don’t have plans for the day/night we can give you some ideas. If it is your first Saint Valentine day in Barcelona, keep in mind that most restaurants have menus (which cost around 30-50 euros) and a dinner plus a drink after it could cost you around 100 euros.Luckily there are many free, beautiful places [...]

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