If you are wondering where to start your search for English-speaking job in Barcelona and which are the main job boards, you can check the “Finding a job in Barcelona” article.

In this article we will covering the “tips” side of the process, or what an expat should know and apply to his Barcelona job-hunting in order to find a job.

Many people might wonder how long it takes to find a job. Is the crisis reducing the opportunities and making it extremely difficult, especially for expats? Do I need to know Catalan? Do I need to study in Spain first?

1. As we mentioned before, speaking Spanish or Catalan can be a big plus and will definitely increase your chances so you should consider learning some. But even in case you don´t know any Spanish or Catalan you still have good chances to find a job. There are many international companies which actually offer free Spanish/Catalan courses for their employees.

2. You don´t need to have a Spanish university diploma to find a job in Barcelona. It will depend on the employer of course, but from my own experience I have only once been asked for my diploma (translated to Spanish, not a Spanish University diploma).  I think this is a global tendency as employers care more what you can do and what your personality is, rather than what you have written on paper. And it makes sense!

3. How is the job market? In my own observations the offers (I assume partly because of the summer season) are more compared to December 2012 / January 2013. The main job board in Spain is Infojobs and in the winter months there were around 3500 – 4000 offers for Barcelona. In the moment there are more than 6000.  The market is not an easy one, and in some cases you will realize that you are applying for a job with 300 or 500 more people, but it is not so difficult if you use the right tools (CV and Cover Letter) and if you know how to present (sell) yourself. If you have more than 3-4 years experience in a certain area, the process becomes much easier. So in resume – I was told more than 10 years ago that you move to Barcelona, you go to an agency , leave your CV and you get a job – No, now it is not so simple, but there are plenty of opportunities for the ones who search for them.

4. How long does it take? This question cannot be answered simply – as there are too many variables. In theory if you know some Spanish, have experience in some area, it shouldn´t take more than 3 months to find a job. But again it is super individual and depends on your knowledge, experience, determination and how many hours per day you are ready to spend in job hunting.

5. What about the CV? You have to create a CV using the Spanish model/way. That will make it much easier for whoever manages the selections process and won´t differentiate you as the foreigner with the “weird” CV. There are specific things that Spanish people include in the CV-s like your ID number, in most cases a photo, whether or not you have a car/driving license etc. Ask your Spanish friends for help or simply check the available models on the web – there are plenty of them. If you decide to register  in Infojobs, my advice is to fill in the information in Spanish (there is no other way), and in the blank space left to put your CV in text – do it in English. In this way the future employers will be able to check your information in both English and Spanish. 

English-speaking jobs in Barcelona – TIPS – PART 2