BREXIT TIE Assistance

Brexit TIE

As of 6th of July 2020, there have been changes in the way the UK applications for residency are processed. This page offers more clarity on the Brexit TIE and which procedure may be relevant to you and your family.

We are receiving a high amount of enquiries regarding the Brexit TIE. To make this as simple as possible we will separate the groups of people we can assist into two (even though there are some additional options):

  • British residents in Spain who already have residency card (green card NIE)
  • British residents in Spain who do not have the residency card. (Note: this includes those who have only the white A4 paper NIE – assignation of NIE)


British residents in Spain who already have residency (green) card

For the first group, if you need assistance with converting the residency card into a TIE card (the plastic card with fingerprints), please use this form to request our assistance. This is valid for British citizens who already have the EU residency certificate green card (below),

EU residency certificate

EU residency certificate

or their non-EU family members who already have the residency card for family member for EU citizen (below)

TIE (non-EU residency card)

TIE (non-EU residency card)


These are the options applying for this group. At the bottom of the form, choose the option that applies to you and submit the form. As soon as we receive it, we will reply with the details and get the process started.

British residents in Spain who do not have the residency card

For British residents who do not have the residence card, the process now involves additional steps, where applying for the TIE card would be the last step. First, you need to apply for the actual residency. Once you have the approval, we can move to that second step and apply for the card. If this is your case, please fill out the contact form below and we will come back to you with details.

For some of the applications (depending on the circumstances), an empadronamiento will be needed. Please check with us if you will need it and let us know if you need assistance with this.

Change of UK driver’s license:

Another important note – for UK citizens who need to exchange their driving license to a Spanish one – the current deadline seems to be 31st December. To be able to exchange the driving license, you first need the green NIE or the TIE card. As per the information in the moment (we always make a note, as this might change), after that British citizens will be treated as 3rd country and unless there is a special agreement, the process of obtaining Spanish driving license will involve taking the exam as a new driver would do. If you need assistance with this, you can email us for more information (contact page link).

Only fill out the contact form below if you do NOT yet have a green residency card for Spain.
If you already have the green residency card, click here