[acc_item title=”Can you help with visas? “]No. We can assist you with obtaining your NIE, once that you are here on visa. In most cases the initial long-term visa is obtained in your country of origin and you need it to actually enter in Spain[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Can I get a NIE appointment for the next day?”]The average time of waiting to get an appointment is 3 weeks. In very rare cases it can be a week and during certain times of the year when there are more students arriving, the waiting period is even longer. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Do I need to have the NIE before applying for a job?”]Most companies will tell you that you need a job before you can work. To get the NIE however, you need a written offer from a prospective employer. This letter will be presented as the basis for your application at the NIE appointment[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Do I need to have a NIE to open a bank account?”]Some banks will only open accounts for residents (those with NIE). There are however some banks that will let you open a non-resident account (using your passport as identification). By contacting us we would gladly point you to a professional, English-speaking person who can help you open this account.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Can I rent a long term flat before I arrive? “]The short answer is No. You have to be in Barcelona to sign the contract. Additionally, it is also much better for you to see the flat before you make a commitment, as in some cases the photos don’t give very good idea of the flat, you don’t see the building and area, and most importantly, you don´t have the opportunity to leave an impression on the agent who will present your profile to the property owner[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Can I find a job before moving to Barcelona?”]It is possible, but it is much more difficult. Recruiters typically prefer applicants who are already in Barcelona and who are able to attend an interview at short notice. There are exceptions of course, where companies may offer interviews over Skype, but most of the time it´s better to interview in person.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Do you offer assistance with finding work?”]We do not assist with directly finding work, however we do have a book that covers all aspects of finding work in Barcelona. The book will help you to prepare your C.V, teach you where to look for the best opportunities, give you insight into the Spanish workplace and even give you information on how to register as self-employed. This book can be found here[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”How much money do I need to survive in Barcelona?”]Lifestyles are different and some live more frivolously than others. However, if you budget for between 400-500 Euros per month to rent a room, another 20-30 Euros for cellphone, around 400 Euros for food and transportation, and 300 for entertainment, a basic salary of around €1200 per month should cover you.[/acc_item]

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us