What to have in mind when you decide to hire a moving company.

Regardless of whether you are planning to move from one neighborhood to another or from one country to another, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

1. Do your homework very well – research, research and more research! You can check forums, ask friends, or even check testimonials on the websites. Our advice is to avoid classified ads because of the big amount of frauds.

2.  Always ask for quotes from more than one company. You will be surprised to find out what differences there are between the prices.

3. Do not accept quotes over the phone. The most secure way to get a quote is for the company representative to come to your house and check all the boxes, furniture and belongings you have to move. In this way you will also have a chance to take your time and ask any additional question you might have. Always request to receive the quote in written form.

4. Prepare an inventory list. It makes the process easier and in this way you can keep track of your belongings. Once you have everything in the new flat, count and check if everything on the list matches with what you have.

5. Make sure everything is wrapped/packed very well to prevent damages.  Some companies offer this for free or for additional price to bring the wrapping material and do everything for you. Tip: To save some money you can always check the local supermarket for some boxes.

6. It is recommendable to make photos of all the furniture before the moving , so that in case of damages you can present a proof.

7. If you have some expensive jewelry, important documents, or anything else of considerable value, make sure to take them with you and not put them in a box with other belongings.