International Schools BarcelonaOne of the biggest considerations for families relocating to Barcelona as expats, is to determine where their children will go to school.  Will they attend public, private, or semi-private schools?  Will they attend secular or Catholic school? Careful consideration has to be given to all the factors, such as the children´s ages, your budget, your preferred teaching language, and obviously you´ll need to consider how long you intend to stay in Barcelona.

Of course every family has different circumstances and situations.  Generally speaking, expats who are only planning to stay in Barcelona for a short while might like to consider enrolling their children in an international school.

Being such a cosmopolitan city, it´s obvious that Barcelona has a good selection of international schools that your children could attend.

These are private schools where international curricula are taught, which obviously means that your child(ren) will continue to learn the curriculum from their home country, in their own language. 

Most of these schools tend to be British, and therefore ideal for British expats moving to Barcelona with their young ones. 

Keep in mind though that these international schools are not as affordable as public Spanish schools, so give careful consideration to these costs as well before making any decisions.  When it comes to admissions, every school has it´s own way of dealing with this.  It is suggested that you bring your child´s previous yearly report cards.

Besides the English-speaking schools, there are also schools for Chinese and Japanese families to send their children to.  Since international schools are so common, they usually follow British or American curricula, and student bodies are made up of Spanish students.

Below are some suggested international schools in Barcelona, with a brief description of each :

The British School Of Barcelona

Schools in BarcelonaIndependent, co-educational school for children from 3-18 years of age. There is an International mix of students. Their English National Curriculum is delivered by teachers who are native-English speakers with British teaching qualifications. Tel: 936 651 584

American School Of BarcelonaSchools in Barcelona

International school for children aged 3 to 18 years. American curriculum. All teaching in English plus Spanish and Catalan lessons. Tel: 933 714 016 / 933 715 012

Benjamin Franklin International School

Schools in Barcelona

International school for children aged 3 to 18 years offering an authentic American education in a multi cultural, multi lingual setting. Students can study the Spanish “Selectividad and Bachilerato” as well as American High School Diploma and AP exams. Tel: 934 342 380


Schools in BarcelonaAn International School which follows the British educational system. Teaching is in English for children aged 2 to 18. Providing high-quality level of education with well-trained and caring staff. Excellent modern facilities. Tel: 938 942 040



International private catholic and bilingual school for students between 1 and 18 years old. It was founded in the year 2000. It was born with the idea of offering an innovative, a vanguard and distinctive catholic school with a high level of English within the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. Nowadays, it is an international school which offers high-quality Spanish and English education to catholic students of different nationalities from 1 year to 18 years old, with the recognition of Cambridge University. The main teaching language is English, followed by Spanish and Catalan. The school also offers the students the possibility of choosing other languages such as French or German. More information on their website. Tel: 934 180 900

English Academy Santa Claus

For children aged 3 to 12. All teaching in English. Leon XIII 13, Barcelona.
Tel: 934 171 847