living in barcelona“What is it like living in Barcelona?” If you already live here or you are planning to move – you will hear this questions many times form family and friends back home and around the world.

We can’t speak for everybody, but we can give you our answer to this question and why we once came to Barcelona and decided to stay here.

living in barcelonaBarcelona is a very unique, colorful, international and lively city. The word “bored” probably shouldn’t exist in the dictionary of the people living here. If you like architecture, museums, sunbathing, live music, culture, nature, football, good food, outdoor activities, socializing – Barcelona is for you. It also gives you a chance to meet so many people from different cultures without the need to visit another country. Every neighborhood has its own unique flair and personality to suit the diversity of its inhabitants, yet one thing that every neighborhood has in common is that its locals share a deep sense of fondness for their little corner of Barcelona, and wouldn’t change it for anything.

The city manages somehow to be a great place for young people, for tourists and for family life and kids, but also for people who are looking for place to retire.

living in barcelonaWhat about the economic situation and the entrepreneurship opportunities?  In short, there are many – yes the answer might sound a little bit unexpected considering all the news about Spain’s economy, but actually there are opportunities for everyone who wants them.  If you have a good knowledge in your area or if you are just an ambitious young person – you have a good chance to find a job here(link to how to find job in Barcelona). If you have a start-up idea you want to put into practice – Barcelona is a perfect place to do it and provides many resources and help to entrepreneurs. If you are interested to learn more about the opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurship you can check Barcelona Activa. The website gives a very good amount of useful information.

In conclusion, the answer to the question “what is it like living in Barcelona?”, cannot be answered in one page or even in one book. It is something you have to experience and see for yourself. What we can tell you is that there are not many people who come for a 1 – 2 months (for working, studying or visiting) and who don’t end up staying, or at least returning permanently.