montjuic gardens barcelonaSometimes life in the city can become quite stressful and you need to escape to a place where you can get back in touch with nature.  Fortunately, Barcelona has many green spaces and this is one of the many things that residents of the city love about it.  Whether it be Ciutadella Park, the hills around Tibidabo, the Joan Miro park near Plaza Espanya or even your local park where you take your dog for a walk, there are great options for disconnecting from the concrete jungle.  One other such place is Montjuic, where you can find not only the Magical Fountain, the Olympic Village, museums and of course the palace, but also a variety of different gardens and other green spaces. These include the Botanical garden, the desert garden called Mossen Costa I Llobera and of course the Laribal garden with its garden rooms and impressive array of different plant species, located between the MNAC and the Miro foundation.

It was the first garden to be laid out on Montjuic and was inaugurated in 1922 and has a number of terraces that are linked by shaded pathways and feels somewhat like a fairytale when walking through this enchanted part of Montjuic.  There are also some sculptures as well as the Font del Gat (Fountain of the cat) – well known amongst the locals, as it was a popular picnic and meeting spot some years ago. The park is usually open from 10:00 AM until sunset, and walking back to the palace from the garden, you can enjoy panoramic views of Barcelona, including Tibidabo, Sagrada Familia and the beaches of Barcelona.

In the photos below you can see more of this garden and also the surrounding green spaces of Montjuic, as well as the old “masia” (rural construction) with its sundial and latin inscription.

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