Before you get the NIE or any other document in Barcelona, we would advise that you first get your Empadronamiento! 

What is the Empadronamiento?

This is your registration in the City Hall of your neighbourhood, so that the local city hall knows youEmpadronamiento in Barcelona are living there. Every time you change your address, you will have to register a new empadronamiento in the town hall of your new neighbourhood.

Why do you need this document?

Non-EU citizens who need to apply for their residency card (TIE) need to prove their address by obtaining the padron. This is the only officially accepted proof-of-address. And for pretty much any other official document you want to obtain, you may be asked for your empadronamiento. For example: for the healthcare card (CAP), or in case you want to buy a car, or to get married. Keep in mind however that if your empadronamiento is older than 3 months, you will need to ask for an updated printout for free from the nearest office. In other words if you need to present it in a third party office, then you need an updated copy. Other than that the emapdronamiento does not expire, though you might be asked at some point to confirm your address with city hall.

Where can you get your empadronamiento?

In any of the neighbourhood administrative offices (Oficina d’Atenció al Ciutadà). There are many of these offices around the city, here you can find a map with the offices. Even though it is convenient to find the nearest one, when you book an appointment, it can be at any of the offices in the city. 

You need to book an appointment (“Cita previa”) and present a set of documents proving your address. The documents would depend if you own the place, if you rent it, if you rent a room, or if somebody else authorizes you. 

If you need assistance with obtaining your empadronamiento, contact us for assistance.