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NIE in Barcelona for EU citizens

A detailed explanation on how to get a NIE in Barcelona for EU citizens

Getting a NIE in Barcelona can be very complicated. Usually, it takes around 2 weeks to get the appointment for the NIE in Barcelona for EU citizens. So, if you apply on 1st June, you will probably get a date for around 14-21st June. These appointments are released on a weekly basis and are taken very quickly, so it can be very difficult to get an appointment.

How to get the NIE appointment by yourself

The office that you will have to go to is located on Rambla Guipuscoa 74 (Nearest metro is Bac de Roda). However you might be given an appointment for another office (Badalona, Sant Adria, Sant Boi, Hospitalet de Llobregat), and each office has their own peculiarities in terms of what paperwork to show. So before going to your appointment make sure you know what the NIE office want to see from you.

You can make this appointment via the website (keep in mind it’s in Spanish).

NIE BarcelonaOn the page you will have to select your province, and in the box below that reads (BARCELONA TRÁMITES) you will have to select “CERTIFICADOS UE”.  Then click on ACEPTAR to proceed. This is how you request the NIE in Barcelona for EU citizens

The required documents and general requirements are shown on the next page (again only in Spanish).

On the next pages you will have to fill in your personal information. On the last page, you need to select “Solicitar Cita”.


The NIE is separated in 2 types – one that is valid for 3 months, and a permanent one.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that this NIE is given in very rare cases. For example when somebody is planning to buy a property or in some cases when you are planning to register as a freelancer. You cannot get it if you are planning to look for a job and you are hoping in the meanwhile to get the temporary NIE – if you are planning to find a job then you have to first find one, get a job offer and then apply directly for the permanent NIE. 

For the temporary one you have to bring:

  • Passport – original and copy
  • Print-out of the confirmation of the appointment
  • The print-out of the application form (called Modelo EX-15), however you can also get this when you arrive at the Foreigners Office
  • You will also be asked why are you moving to Spain – are you planning to study, work, register as a freelancer etc. The reason you choose will be added to the EX-15 form – and you will have to come back to the NIE office in less than 3 months with proof that you are studying, working etc. This is also the moment to ask the clerk what documents exactly your case will require – for example in case you are planning to work you will have to bring the contract and several other documents from your employer.
  • The NIE tax “modelo”**



If you already have an “empadronamiento” – we would advise you to bring original and copy – they might or might not ask you for it – but it’s always better to be prepared. It is not technically a requirements for the NIE in Barcelona for EU citizens, but some office might ask for it. (Therefore this is what we advise when obtaining a new document – bring all the documents you have, because most probably the requirements will have changed). The clerk will ask you to write an address on the application form anyway, even if they do not necessarily ask for the empadronamiento.

**You will also have to pay the tax for the NIE, which is around €12. You can do this by downloading the “modelo” from the internet and taking it to a bank to process for you. The bank will stamp the document for you are proof you have paid the tax. You will have to take this stamped document with you to the NIE appointment.

With this temporary certificate, you might have to come back the next day to collect the actual document. This would depend on which office your appointment is at. Your address, NIE number and other personal information will be printed on this A4 white piece of paper assigned to you. The paper will say that this NIE is valid only for 3 months. After the 90 days, you can change to a permanent NIE by showing the right paperwork.


The Registro Central de Extranjeros requires every EU or EEA citizen who is planning to stay in Spain for more than 3 months to register.

nie in barcelona for EU citizensYou will have to present: passport (copy and original), EX-18 form and proof of the reasons why you are planning to stay in Spain. There are 5 main reasons – as a student, as a freelancer, as an employee or as a family of another EU citizen. The 5th option is to prove that you have sufficient financial resources to live in Spain without working. Detailed information on the requirements depending on your case can be found here. After this you will obtain your permanent NIE – a green wallet size NIE card.

If you don’t speak Spanish make sure that you bring a friend who speaks Spanish with you. 



Due to the transition period leading up to Brexit, there have been changes made for the NIE application process for British citizens, effective 6 July 2020

Please visit this page where you can find everything you need to know