Please note: We are not a recruitment agency, nor do we assist people with finding jobs in Barcelona. We can however assist with obtaining the NIE and social security number, which you will need to be able to work.

An excellent place to start looking for jobs in Barcelona is the internet, with some of the following sites:

jobs in barcelonaStartups: There are many startups who have significant presence Barcelona and being so international, they obviously have a very multicultural environment. This means that you most likely would be able to use your mother tongue to get a position within one of these startup companies. Unfortunately, it is very difficult and time-consuming to find job offers from these companies as the offers are scattered across hundreds of job boards – until now: A great place to find job listings ranging from software engineers to non-technical roles, and from startups such as Airbnb, King, SnapChat and many more is on JobsBCN:

English teaching jobs in Spain: Becoming an English teacher is another very good option if you are a native English speaker. If you have experience – even better. And if not, you might consider taking a special course. You can also give lessons as a freelancer: 

www.tusclasesparticulares.comThis website gives you the chance to make a profile and offer private lessons (not only in English but also in many other subjects).

International call centres in Barcelona and other international companies. Here are our suggestions of some companies that are always looking for native speakers:

To find a job in Barcelona, it will be a bonus if you know some Spanish when moving to Barcelona! Knowing Spanish or Catalan is not a mandatory condition to find a job, so don`t worry. (Still, if you are willing to learn, check our article about Languages in Barcelona).

For some tips on finding jobs in Barcelona, check here.

Keep in mind that one of the things you will need to start working in Barcelona is NIE. We can offer a complete, professional service to assist you with this, as well as social security, opening a bank account, or even finding a place to live. 

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