Before you get the NIE or any other document, we would advise that you first get your Empadronamiento in Barcelona!

What is the Empadronamiento?

This is your registration in the city hall of your neighbourhood, so that the local city hall knows you are living there. Every time you change your address, you will have to register a new empadronamiento in Barcelona at the town hall of your new neighbourhood.

Why do you need this document?

empadronamiento in Barcelona

Non-EU citizens who are seeking a residency card (TIE) in Spain are required to provide proof of address, and the padrón is the only officially recognized document for this purpose. The padrón, also known as the “certificado de empadronamiento,” is a municipal registration certificate that verifies an individual’s residence in Barcelona. It serves as a crucial document for various administrative procedures and interactions with local authorities.

Obtaining the padrón is not just mandatory for residency card applications; it is also a frequently requested document for a wide range of official transactions. For instance, when applying for a healthcare card (Tarjeta Sanitaria Individual, or TSI), which grants access to Spain’s public healthcare system, the padrón is often required as proof of residence. Similarly, when purchasing a car, the padrón is typically demanded to establish residency and facilitate registration. Even in the context of marriage registration, the padrón may be requested to verify the couple’s residence status.

It is important to note that the padrón, once obtained, does not expire. However, for certain official procedures, such as submitting documents to third-party institutions or government agencies, an updated printout of the padrón may be required. This updated printout, typically issued free of charge at the nearest municipal office, serves as a more recent confirmation of the individual’s address.

While the padrón does not have a set expiration date, city hall authorities may occasionally request individuals to confirm their address information. This confirmation process typically involves verifying the individual’s current residence and updating their padrón records accordingly.

In summary, the padrón plays a pivotal role in the lives of non-EU citizens residing in Barcelona. It serves as a cornerstone for residency applications, access to essential services, and various official transactions. Obtaining and maintaining an updated padrón is crucial for navigating the administrative landscape of Barcelona and enjoying the full benefits of living in the city.

Where can you get your empadronamiento in Barcelona?

In any of the neighbourhood administrative offices (Oficina d’Atenció al Ciutadà). There are many of these offices around the city but you will need an appointment. Even though it is convenient to find the nearest one, when you book an appointment, it can be at any of the offices in the city.

You need to book an appointment (“Cita previa”) and present a set of documents proving your address. The documents would depend if you own the place, if you rent it, if you rent a room, or if somebody else authorizes you.

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