Golden visa in BarcelonaEvery year, thousands of foreigners move to Spain in search of sunny skies, good food and the relaxed lifestyle. For non-EU citizens, this process can be complicated. Fortunately there are ways in which one can obtain residency and the “Golden” visa is one of them! This page will provide more detail on how to obtain a Golden visa in Barcelona but the general requirements are the same for other parts of Spain.

Like many other countries, Spain has a visa program that provides residency to foreigner’s who either invest in real estate, or alternatively invest in the Spanish economy. This visa not only provides residency to the applicant, but also his/her direct relatives. This means that if you are planning to move to Barcelona with your family, this visa could be the perfect solution if you are planning to purchase property, or invest in the economy.


The Golden visa is issued for a year and during that time you have to enter the country and obtain the residence permit (credit-card sized ID card) which will be valid for 2 years. After that the residency card is renewable for another 5 years, assuming you can provide proof that you still own the asset.

  • The most obvious benefit of obtaining the Golden visa in Barcelona is the fact that you and your family members can travel freely within the Schengen zone for up to 3 months within a 6 month period!
  • You and your family will have access to public school and healthcare services
  • To renew the residence permit, you are not required to live in Spain. However, living in Spain continuously for 10 years will help you obtain Spanish citizenship in the future. Either way, once you have lived in Spain for 5 years (for at least 6 months out of every year), you can obtain permanent residence.


In order to qualify for the Golden visa in Barcelona, you have several options:

  1. Purchase real estate in Spain as a sole owner, with a minimum value of €500.000. This can be one property, or several. As long as the overall value exceeds €500.000 and that this investment is debt-free (in other words, without mortgage). However, if the property is valued higher than €500.000, anything above the €500.000 point can be mortgaged.
  2. Deposit at least €1.000.000 into a Spanish investment fund.
  3. Invest in Spanish public debt for a minimum of €2.000.000
  4. Invest in a new business that will provide employment and contribute to technological and/ scientific innovation.

Additional requirements include:

  1. That you are resident of a non-EU country.
  2. That you must be at least 18 years of age
  3. That you have never been denied a Schengen visa, nor that you have a criminal history record
  4. That you have health insurance in Spain and sufficient funds for you and your whole family

Since this type of visa involves a significant investment and can be risky, most applicants prefer to work with professionals to determine their eligibility and to assist them with the whole process of obtaining a Golden visa in Barcelona.

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