It is Saint Valentine´s Day and maybe you are not in the most romantic city in the world, but Barcelona definitely has what to offer to the “enamorados” !

If you still don’t have plans for the day/night we can give you some ideas. If it is your first Saint Valentine day in Barcelona, keep in mind that most restaurants have menus (which cost around 30-50 euros) and a dinner plus a drink after it could cost you around 100 euros.

Luckily there are many free, beautiful places in Barcelona where you can take your pareja and show your love.

romantic places in BarcelonaDon´t forget about the tourist Parc Guell, which is one of the good options for a romantic afternoon. You can take small picnic snacks and enjoy a nice time if the weather allows.  Park Ciutadella could be also a very romantic place if visited with your couple.  If you go there don’t forget to rent a boat and row on the lake – it will give extra charm to the day.

We live in a city with amazing beaches. And as we know the beaches are one of the most romantic places we can ever find. Go for a walk on the beach, see the sunrise or just have a drink in one of the chiringuitos. If you want some more privacy you can go the dolosse where the fisherman usually sit during the day to be near the water.

romantic places in BarcelonaOne of the most romantic places in the Gothic neighborhood is Plaza de Sant Felip Neri. The place looks like its taken from history, it is quiet and spending some time there today could make your day even more special. El Parc del Laberint, Montjuic, Tibidabo, with its breathtaking views to Barcelona and, of course, the Magic Fountain are also very good options to spend a Valentine´s day.

Have an amazing Saint Valentine day and remember that we should show our love every day in the year! If you don’t have time to celebrate it today, do it tomorrow and in the next 363 days of the year!