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The content and layout of the JustLanded! BCN website is protected by copyright. Duplication of information or data (including the use of texts or graphics) is only permitted with prior written consent.

By accessing the information on this website or:

  • by submitting any application form, or
  • accepting the service by e-mail, phone or any other form of communication

the client agrees with processing of his/her personal data and therefore accepts the terms and conditions of the service.

Personal data is required in order to provide our services and for requesting the appropriate appointment at any of the government offices. This information includes but is not limited to:

  • Full name
  • Email address and telephone number
  • Physical address
  • Passport or ID number, and nationality
  • Date of birth

By submitting your personal data to this website when additional services (provided by external providers) are selected or requested, you agree that your information may be shared with (not sold) to third parties. These third parties includes banks, insurance providers and immigration lawyers whom we have an established and trusted relationship with (and from whom we may receive referral compensation), as well as public government institutions such as “Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social”, or “Oficina de Extranjeria”

When using this website, certain computer data known as “Cookies” are automatically collected through interaction of the mobile phone, tablet or web browser with JustLanded! BCN website. Such information is typically considered a non-personal information.

JustLanded! BCN is a consultancy which provides information and assistance. Any information that is available on our website or that is provided during the service, is provided without any warranty as far as legal effect and completeness may be concerned. JustLanded! BCN cannot always guarantee that all information related to official requirements is accurate or up-to-date, nor can we be held responsible for any interruptions, delays, or additional expenses as a result of change in requirements by the local or national government. For this reason, we are unable to provide specific dates for when a government office will finalize any process and JustLanded! BCN can only provide an estimation of dates or timeframes, based on past experience.

Whatever information is provided is modified to match the needs of each individual client and is done so in order to reach the relevant objective, whether it be:

  • NIE
  • TIE
  • Social security
  • Empadronamiento
  • opening a bank account or contracting health insurance

Through the provision of its services, JustLanded! BCN shall at all times make its best efforts to achieve the objective desired by the client. However, JustLanded! BCN cannot guarantee that the objective will be met and cannot be held responsible for any expenses that may arise to the client throughout the process, regardless of whether or not the objective was achieved. We do not offer refunds (full or partial) in case of cancellation or if the applicant changes their wishes or achieves the objective through other means. In the event of “force majeure” (war, strike, riot, epidemic or pandemic), JustLanded! BCN will reschedule (where possible) any confirmed appointments that were cancelled by the authorities.

The client agrees to cooperate with JustLanded! BCN by carrying out the instructions provided and by providing JustLanded! BCN with accurate information/documents, as well as additional information if required. Therefore, the client has a maximum period of 6 (six) months, counted from the date on which payment of requested services was received, to provide the documents as instructed by JustLanded! BCN. In exceptional cases where the client experiences unforseen delays, the deadline can be extended at the discretion of JustLanded! BCN. Should the client refuse or neglect to provide the requested information in a timely manner in order for JustLanded! BCN to facilitate a timely provision of services, JustLanded! BCN reserves the right to stop providing further services.

In the event that the objective is not achieved as a result of an error caused by the client, whether it be due to:

  • inadequate or missing documentation
  • negligence on the part of the client
  • “no-show” for a confirmed appointment or cancellation of an already confirmed appointmentan extra charge for arranging and attending another appointment may be applied at the discretion of JustLanded! BCN. The only acceptable exceptions are cancellation resulting from a need for travel due to serious illness or death of a family member, or in case of serious illness where a doctor’s note will justify rescheduling the appointment at no additional charge.

The contents of any communication between JustLanded! BCN and the client by email or any other form of electronic communication is intended solely for the purpose of achieving the objective. Any attachments or documents that are voluntarily sent by the client to JustLanded! BCN are treated as confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

By using our service, you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, please notify us by e-mail.