Obtaining TIE for British citizens (with existing NIE card)

If you have been living in Spain for a while and you already have green card NIE, we can help you to transfer it to a TIE card.

Please note that the white A4 NIE cannot be transferred to a TIE,

if you only have the A4 white NIE you need to pass through the new process of obtaining residency.

Below are the options that we offer to assist with converting the green card EU NIE to a TIE card. Please note that we cannot guarantee any dates or times as they are assigned automatically. If you are outside Barcelona and unavailable to attend an appointment on certain date please let us know upfront.

Some of the offices require a separate appointment to collect he card once it arrives from Madrid (3-4 weeks).
This appointment is not included in our service (except for VIP Plan) and can be requested later on, if needed.


Requesting the appointment

Checking your paperwork
and preparing application form

Preparing the tax form

A consultant attends the
appointment with you 

1 x FREE rescheduling
(in case of rescheduling
a confirmed 

Booking the appointment 
to collect your TIE (card)



one-time fee excl VAT 




one-time fee excl VAT 



one-time fee excl vat



one-time fee excl vat

Would you like the OPTION of an ExPress NIE service (appointment in 8 days or less) for an additional €25 fee? (depending on availability) *
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* All prices exclude IVA (VAT) of 21%. With the exception of the “VIP Plan”, all cancelled appointments can be rescheduled (if required) at an additional cost of €50 (excl VAT). We do not offer refunds in case of complete cancellation. A separate tax for the NIE application is applicable for each applicant which is not included in the fee. We do however prepare the document for the applicant who can pay the tax at the bank before his/her appointment. 8 (eight) business days from receipt of payment of the fee will be counted in case the ExPress service is selected.