health insurance barcelonaOne of the most important things to consider when moving to Barcelona, is how you will be taking care of your health. Even though public health insurance in Barcelona is good, as Spain is considered to have one of the best public healthcare systems in Europe (and the world), waiting-times for procedures like x-rays and blood tests can be extremely long. Not to mention waiting for an appointment to see any kind of specialist. Additionally many people who apply for their NIE require private medical insurance.

Finding the right kind of insurance that covers your specific healthcare requirements can be difficult in your own country – let alone in a foreign country where you don’t speak with language. There are many factors to consider when making comparisons to different healthcare providers, and it can be difficult to understand which provider includes/excludes certain procedures, for example.

For this reason and due to the high level of enquiries we have had from our customers about good, affordable health insurance where they can speak with someone in English, we have established a collaboration with one of the most professional agents available in Barcelona. Representing DKV Seguros, one of the biggest insurance companies in Spain, our associates have many years of experience in all kinds of insurance and prides themselves in his high-level of customer care. 

Why choose DKV health Insurance?

Primary Care: Rest assured, knowing that you are covered at more than 1000 registered clinics and more than 2000 General Practitioners in Spain, which includes a variety of medical and surgical specialities as well as diagnostic means and medical treatments when carried out in the surgery.

Hospital Care: your policy also covers hospitalisation for surgery, obstetrics, paediatrics, psychiatry, hospitalisation in intensive care units and hospitalisation for dialysis and artificial kidney. Additionally, it covers the expenses arising from hospital admission and medical or surgical fees for the treatment provided.

Worldwide Care: Travel without worry – safe in the knowledge that you have supplementary insurance for worldwide assistance in case you have an emergency.

Special Cover: chief among the broad covers of the policy are: psychology, specific preventive medicine programs, access to mammographies without authorisation, family planning techniques, prostheses, breast reconstruction, transplants and the Vive la Salud prevention plan.

Additional advantages:

  • Free choice.
  • We are specialists in medical care.
  • Reimbursement of up to 217,000 euros.
  • Swift reimbursement, 7 days maximum.
  • No copayment in national medical pool.
  • We work with the leading private hospitals and clinics in Spain and the hospital groups with the latest technology.
  • No limits on hospitalisation (except psychiatry which has a limit of 60 days/year)..
  • Medical guidance at any time.
  • Daily compensation for hospital stay.
  • Coverage of occupational and traffic accidents.
  • Commitment to early health appointment.
  • We foster access to services via new technologies: online authorisations, medical pool via mobile, etc.
  • We offer innovative tools for boosting prevention and health care: online preventive programs.