Spanish Social SecurityThe Spanish social security number is what you need to allow you to start working in Spain. The social security system is Spain’s system of social protection. Under the Spanish constitution of 1978, article 41 determines that the public authorities shall maintain a public social security system for all its citizens that will guarantee enough support and social benefits in times of need, more specifically in the event of unemployment, and moreover that this support will be free of charge.

You will also need it for obtaining the healthcare card, which will give you access to Social medicine in Spain through the CatSalut organization. This means that a percentage of your income taxes go towards a medical plan that gives you access to doctors and specialists in Barcelona, and you will be able to find a clinic in your neighborhood, where you will be assigned a specific doctor.

As mentioned before, in order to be employable in Spain, you will need to have the social security number. While having a NIE isn’t necessarily a requirement to be employed in Spain, the social security number is. Many employers however require you to have the social security as well as the NIE before they can employ you.

Getting the Spanish Social security number used to be a simple process, which involved going to the social security office without appointment, taking all the paperwork and just waiting for your turn to be attended to. However, the whole system has changed and applications have to be made electronically. This has made the process a little more complicated.

However, we can gladly assist you with this process. Please contact us in order to find out how we help with this application.

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